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1928 Gibson Nick Lucas


Just in- truly in the special category. A 1928 Nick Lucas (“Gibson Special”). These were in fact the first guitars named for an artist- not endorsed- but actually named. In the nine year run of this model, fewer than two hundred and fifty were made. Complete with a four inch body (sharing this distinction only with the short lived Jumbo model)- this guitar’s tone is very much something to literally write home about. Indeed easily the most expensive guitar in the Gibson flat top line, this first year of production model has a white paper label, twelve frets to the body, mahogny back and sides, Adirondack top, rosewood pin bridge, banjo tuners, and “The Gibson” inscribed on the head stock. It’s difficult to imagine a much better guitar, regardless of price. This model was made famous by a young Bob Dylan among others. No changed parts and all original finish- this is a rarity among rarities that is perfect for writing, recording, and worthy of any performance venue.