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1931 Martin OM-28


This is an extremely special and rare guitar. These OM-28s were made for only five years. Made from 1929 to 1933, a total of only 487 were built – and of those 166 were made in 1931. I’ve been told by multiple professional players over the years that 1930-31 OM-28s were the pinnacle of Martin design and construction. Long scale, forward shifted scalloped bracing, wide nut width, banjo tuners, Adirondack top, bar frets, snow flake inlays, Brazilian back and sides, and herringbone trim. This is an extremely light weight instrument with what appears to be the original bridge, though opinions have varied. The bridge plate is definitely original  along with the original impressed logo on the back of the head stock, original fretboard, original pickguard, original bar frets, and is free of any top, back, head stock, and heel cracks. 
I and three other well known experts have looked at the finish and confirmed it to have no refinish or overspray. You are unlikely to find a cleaner example. There is a long repaired side crack and period correct banjo tuners. This instrument sounds incredible and is set up perfectly. Truly a golden era prime dream guitar.