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Martin D-18 Guitar full frontMartin D-18 Guitar full front
Martin D-18 guitar body viewMartin D-18 guitar body view
Martin D 18 guitar backMartin D 18 guitar back
Martin D-18 guitar sideMartin D-18 guitar side
Martin D-18 Guitar pegheadMartin D-18 Guitar peghead

1938 D-18


2,257 D-18s were made in 1934-1941. 95 of those were shade tops. This is one of these ultra-rare instruments. Not only that, but this is a 1938- the consensus prime year and culmination for Martin Dreadnoughts. All the premium features are present including a 1 3/4” nut, Adirondack top, ebony fretboard,  forward shifted hand scalloped rear bracing, and Honduran mahogany sides. This example also features a perfectly executed and verified shaded top finish. The absolute fever dream of countless guitarists, including this one. I personally would take a shaded top pre-war D-18 over any other Martin guitar. Notes leap out of it, there’s endless sustain, and it just looks magical in your living room… and Ivy League smart in your investment portfolio. This one is housed in its original case. Contact Dying Breed soon because this one is likely to fly out of here before it even gets out of said case.