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1941 D-18


My personal acoustic guitar is now a 1941 D-18, very much like this one. Obviously I’ve had my pick of guitars over the last 11 years. A 41 D-18 is the one I settled on. They are magical in every way. Steve Earle said in a magazine interview, he the owner of 350 guitars, that a pre war D-18 would be his deserted island guitar. And further that they are one of only two or three things in life that live up to the hype. I agree with Mr. Earle. There was a period where my D-18 traveled with me everywhere. Even to a storm shelter- twice. Evoking Johnny Cash- it’s been everywhere, man. This one will become a similar companion to you. This instrument possesses original finish and bridge plate. All is original except an excellent replacement bridge. A recent neck set confirmed that a crack on the heel is only superficial and doesn’t go all the way through. If you’re seeking your own vintage fairy dust- call Dying Breed right away and we will ship this cannon to your door. If interested, please contact us – $29,500