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I just received the 1909 Martin 0-28 from Lane. The instrument is exactly as he described it in his post. The transaction was flawless, the shipping was as scheduled and once I swapped the nylon strings out for a set of light gauge steel strings, I just put my head back and soaked in the tone and sustain. Next time I get the itch for an instrument I'm definitely checking with Lane, he's straight up the real deal. Keep up the good work, man. You've got a good thing going.
David Fraley, Colorado
Lane got it right when he named his outfit Dying Breed Music. His work and general approach represent the best values that too often get lost in today’s digital markets. Lane is honest, super knowledgeable, humble and straight-forward. He cares much more about helping you locate an incredible instrument that will make you happy than about making a sale. He was responsive to all questions and it was really a pleasure to do business together.
Jeffrey A. Summit, Ph.D.
Research Professor, Department of Music, Tufts University, Grammy nominee
Dying Breed music has an amazing way of consistently having the best acoustic guitars in the country. Since Lane is a player, he can give a very insightful “in hand “ description, and give you a good idea of the sound and playability of his fine instruments.
Andy Reiss
The Time Jumpers, A List studio musician, 6 time Grammy nominee, 3 time Grammy winner
Lane Comeaux has one of the most stunning inventories of collector-class instruments I have seen anywhere, at any time. He’s a good guy, too, and responsive and easy to deal with. I look at his site every day.
Steve Yarbrough, Boston, Massachusetts
Novelist, Professor Emerson College, Winner California Book Award, Finalist PEN/Faulkner Award, M.A. University of Mississippi, M.F.A. University of Arkansas
I have known Lane Comeaux for three and a half years. Being immediately drawn to him in a classroom environment by his engaging personality and curious mind to learn. After spending more time with him, I have come to appreciate his God given entrepreneurial talent/spirit even more and am constantly impressed with his ability to successfully run his personal company business. Honesty and clarity prevail in his business transactions as well as a focused intent to do what is right by everyone in every situation. I have also spent time with him on a personal level and again come away with a strong sense of his high character and integrity. Simply said, He is a good man and one I would want to have running my business or representing my products. Among his many gifts are his generous heart and steady consistency in living his life. I am certain Lane will continue to exhibit his usual outstanding effort and being the best at what he does. Be assured, he will represent his business very well. Its in his “DNA” as a person.
Michael Carger, Arkansas
Former Dillard’s executive, Elder, Downtown Church
Lane is a DANGEROUS MAN, my wife says so!!.If I could I would buy every guitar he has. He always has amazing inventory..I just purchased a banner SJ and can’t wait to get it. I had been looking for one for a long time and Lane found it. Check out his site and get your check book out. Here’s to many more guitars! THANKS LANE!
Kent Blazy, Nashville, Tennessee
Writer of seven #1 hits, including “If Tomorrow Never Comes” for Garth Brooks, Grammy nominee
Just wanted to thank Lane for a smooth transaction and a fantastic guitar...I purchased the 1956 Martin D-18. Perfectly accurate description, great communication, wonderful sound clips (probably the best I've heard from a dealer), two day priority shipping...just an all-around great experience. I'm a studio player here in Los Angeles, it arrived yesterday and I've already played three gigs with it right out of the box...thanks, Lane!
Paul Viapiano
B.A. Berkeley College of Music, L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra
I just received my 1957 Martin D-21 from Lane. As an owner of modern Collings and Gibson Custom acoustics, this was my first vintage guitar purchase. Lane provided very quick and detailed responses to my questions, great photos, secure shipping and was very professional to deal with. As Lane said after we finalized the transaction "once you go vintage, you'll never go back" and that feels true after hearing this Martin's incredible sound. Keep up the excellent work Lane. I would highly recommend dealing with Dying Breed Guitars. This from a now loyal customer.
Rob Adams, Fredericksburg, Texas
Vice Chairman, Hill Country Youth Orchestra
These guys are legit. I bought a 1938 000-18 and it was exactly as stated (maybe better). Would do business with them again.
Greg Poulos, Michigan
Lane is a straight up guy who stands behind everything he sells. Have had only one issue in our dealings and he went way above and beyond what any other dealer I've dealt with has done to make it right. You can't ask for better service than that. Highly recommended.
Will Lowe, North Carolina
You might not get delivery service to your music room like I did! But the L-00 I purchased from Lane is exactly as represented. I'm also really enjoying my 0-42. I love parlor guitars and I'll be buying from Dying Breed again. Thanks Lane. You provide a great service my man!
Ed King, Nashville, Tennessee
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member
I recently purchased a 33 Gibson L-00, and everything was perfect! Very quick responses, great photos, and I felt comfortable making this purchase based on the responses and the types of guitars that I saw on this page. I had a great experience, asked the right questions, got great answers, and I'm very happy.
Charles Wartchow, California
Phd U.C. Berkeley California
Just received a vintage Gibson J-45 from Lane at Dying Breed. I’m so thrilled. The guitar arrived exactly as described. I’ve been looking for the right J-45 for a long time but haven’t felt comfortable pulling the trigger until speaking with Lane. His expertise and honesty made the difference. Looking forward to my next guitar from Dying Breed!
Ricky Heros, Memphis, Tennessee
B.A. Tulane University
I came across a vintage Martin in my travels and was looking to sell it but, I did not know where to start or what it was worth. A good friend of mine J Isaiah Evans told me to try Dying Breed Music as he had done business with them in the past. Lane was as upfront and transparent as any dealer/buyer could ever be. He evaluated the guitar but we did not decide on a price until Lane could see it in person. I was apprehensive at first about shipping a guitar to a stranger but Lane went out of his way to gain my trust. As I said, he was very upfront and very transparent throughout the entire process. After evaluating my guitar we agreed on a price that was a bit better than what I had expected. No games, no runaround, just a straightforward business transaction with all the cards on the table from the start. After agreeing on the price I think I received payment within the hour. Lane has first dibs on any vintage Martin or Gibson I should happen to come across from now on.
I live in Ireland and recently bought a a 00-17 from Dying Breed and Lane couldn't have been more helpful the only Problem is I don't have the money to buy more.
Jason O'Connor, Ireland
I recently purchased a 1944 Martin 00-17 from Lane. It was a flawless and very pleasant transaction. The guitar was exactly as described on the Dying Breed website. It was sent 2nd day air, which was much appreciated, but totally unexpected. The guitar was professionally wrapped, both inside the case and out. It came with a poster and an ink pen with the logo, both nice touches. The instrument itself is very sweet sounding and a joy to play. The entire deal was courteous, professional, and efficient. I highly recommend him to others who might seem to purchase one of his instruments.
Bob Hampton, Virginia
M.B.A. George Mason University
This guy has some the best quality gear at absolute steals when it comes to price! Super nice guy and easy to deal with. Will buy from any change I get! A+ all around amigo.
Sean Dixon, Arkansas
I have made several purchases from Lane including: 47 D18; 48 L12; 54 D 28; 54 SJ; 87 Collings D2H (B&A) and now a 1945 D28 Herringbone. If you're looking for in the market, you need to contact Lane at Dying Breed Music 1st. Lane is 100℅ honest in his descriptions and the service is great. He is fair to deal with and definitely more than competitive in price. I plan to do more business with him in the future and refer him to others.
Dennis Meyers, Illinois
Lane is a good dude. He took a ton of time helping me. No pressure selling. The big shops are cool but sometimes you need a friend. Lane is that guy.
Rick Sheldon, California
Lane has some great instrument stock and is great to work with!
Terry Barnes, North Carolina
Wow, what can be said about Lane and his Company "Dying Breed Music".....!!!! I have purchased three guitars from Lane in the past 3 years, Lane has given me excellent service and value that can't be matched by any other vintage instrument broker in the United States. Thank you Lane it has been a pleasure to do business with you.
David Hamilton, Tennessee
Very happy customer here! Just received a wonderful high end vintage Gibson acoustic that was as described, well packed and shipped lightning fast...very fair price too. Lane was patient with all my questions and a super person to deal with. Buy with confidence from Dying Breed Music...highly recommended!
Steve Oates, Brooklyn, New York
Very happy with my 1955 D-18. Fair price. Fast, courteous service, expert packing and shipping. I'd buy from Lane again.
David Morris, Maryland
Just bought a '56 D-28 from Lane. He's a great guy and great to do business with. I look forward to buying another guitar from him.
Kyle Tolbert, Alabama
I bought a 46 Herringbone from Lane, He is a class act!! Highly recommend his service. If you are looking for a vintage instrument at a fair price you can't go wrong.
Dr. Chuck Sanders, Tennessee
Lane is a classy guitar seller. I trust his knowledge & ear for instruments and his ability to find what i'm looking for.
Neil Greenhaw, Bentonville, Arkansas
Owner, Haxton Road Studios, B.A. Music John Brown University
I’ve bought a couple of great guitars from Dying Breed Guitars a J-45 banner ( the best one I’ve ever had among a dozen owned ) and a wonderful 1929 O-45. It sounds like a dream. It’s a rarest example of O-45 with original belly bridge and pick guard. Two amazing and unique guitars. One of the best around. Thanks again, Lane.
Angelo Basile, Italy
I have been dabbling in older Martin guitars since I was at the U. of Michigan in the ‘50s getting an MS in Naval Architecture. Now retired from 50 years owning CT Marine, I have more time to play and more time to look at great old guitars. I just bought a 1925 Martin 00-18 from Lane at Dying Breed Music. I am buying it sight unseen. But within a few calls and several texts I had such faith in Lane that I have no fear. This will be my crown jewel to both play and look at. Lane knows a lot! He explained the Martin construction between ’25 and ’31. His thoughts on Rosewood and old Mahogany blend with mine. I have a 42 000-18, ’57 00-18, ’62 00-21 NY, 2019 Bourgeois 00-28. For me there is no fun in haggling over the value. Lane told me what it was worth to him and I paid him. I study the market and it was a fair price for all. My 00-18 might arrive by UPS, but I sure would like to take a road trip from Maine to Searcy AR and have the fun of meeting Lane, shaking his hand and seeing what other gems he has. I truly believe Dying Breed has the best guitars in the country and I’m glad I found them over all the other vintage dealers.
Capt. Corning Townsend, Maine
Although my focus is on playing the guitar, for over four decades I’ve also met many guitar dealers, collectors, and repair experts around the country. In the quest for great guitars, I’ve found Lane Comeaux to be speaking the same language- details about the sound, construction, and “vibe” the old guitars have. Always very personable and helpful, as a player he also happens to be very good at finding these treasures, and knows there’s always more to be appreciated and enjoyed in the fascinating world of vintage guitars. He knows what I like!
Robert Bowlin, Solo performer and Veteran Nashville session musician (Kathy Mattea, Osborne Brothers, Ray Price, Tom T. Hall, Chet Atkins, Ray Price, Time Jumpers) Member of Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Boy 1993-1996, 1st place, National Guitar Championship
I bought a 1951 Gibson J-185 from Lane, the 9th one made and absolutely love it. It was as described. He's a great guy to deal with. Hope to do business with him again.
Ricky Skaggs
Country Music Hall of Fame Member, 15-time Grammy winner, CMA Entertainer of the Year