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about us

We are a small business located in Arkansas. We specialize in vintage guitars in the $10,000-$200,000 range.

We have sold some of the best, rarest, and most historically important guitars in the world. Our clients include studio musicians, professional songwriters, recording studios, collectors, celebrities, music professors, professional road musicians, and many folks who love to play guitar in their living room. We’ve shipped guitars to 42 states and 24 countries. Our inventory is always filled with amazing guitars, and always fairly priced.

This is our full time job, and we LOVE talking to customers. Never hesitate to call or email us. We promise that you will ALWAYS be treated like a person when interacting with us. That’s right, we treat people like human beings and not numbers or transactions or cash. When you call Dying Breed, you will always speak to the owner, and I will always have time to talk to you.

About Lane Comeaux, Owner

I’ve been a guitar player and obsessed with music and all things guitar for twenty years. I graduated from a private top 100 University with two degrees, one in public relations and one in advertising. I choose to to sell vintage instruments for a living because it is my passion and I LOVE it. I understand guitars because unlike many dealers I am not just a broker, businessman, writer, accountant, marketer, or academic- I’m a real guitar player!! I know what vintage instruments are supposed to look, feel, play, and most importantly sound like. If you need a recommendation on sound, call me first.

All guitars are set up and receive new strings by my tech, Jason Coleman. Jason has 24 years experience in the business and also does all of our sound clip recording. Luthier work is usually done by K.R. Strings.

Vision Statement

Dying Breed Guitars aims to be the quintessential broker, advisor, concierge, and expert regarding buying and selling pre World War II acoustic and pre 1965 American electric guitars. We seek to utilize the highest level service, marketing acumen, work and personal ethics to ensure our curated customers are ecstatic not only with their purchases but also with Dying Breed Guitars. We will always hold ourselves to the highest standards of humility, respect, courtesy, and transparency. Simply we will go to any lengths to be fair and honest to all sides and treat all involved in our business as human beings and not transactions. In doing so we will become the premier provider and confidant in the premium vintage guitar space. 

We ship worldwide, 24 countries and counting. Also 42 states.