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1946 D-28


Just in- 1946 D-28 with a brand new expertly executed neck set. 1946 was the last full year for herringbone trim at Martin. This is one of them, a true blue honest to goodness BONE. When folks say a “Bone”, we all in the guitar world know exactly what that means! It means a D-28 from Martins Golden Era when the finest materials, craftsmen, and design were being utilized. A herringbone 99 percent of the time has sustain, midrange, volume, dryness, even bass, and power. In other words TONE, and this one is certainly no exception. This piece is extremely similar to Dan Tyminski’s legendary 1946 D-28. Dan’s iconic bone is an instrument with a changed part or two, wear, etc. This one is as well and given the chance could become a legend in it’s own right. It is far more than enough for ANY professional stage or recording studio. This guitar has a TON going for it! A herringbone is a true rarity and a treasure. Herringbones carry tremendous clout and reverence among professional and amateur ┬ámusicians, dealers, studio owners, collectors, historians, luthiers, and investors.