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1954 000-28 Martin


Jaw dropping sound. This guitar’s sound truly rivals that of many pre war Martins we have owned, it is that good!! Beautiful 67 year old Brazilian Martin. This one is completely original. Not one changed part. Original tuners, pickguard, bridge, nut, bridge plate, and bracing. Crack free top and sides. This instrument has had only two owners in it’s life, but man did this one get played as evidenced by the 100 percent original finish! Fresh neck reset and an expert job completed on one single back crack. The 000-28 is actually much more rare than folks think. In 1954, only 75 of this model were made. In the ten years from 1954-1964 only 446 of these were produced. Many many have not survived, many are held tightly in private collections. These don’t hit the market often and certainly not in 100 percent original condition. This is the kind of thing that excites us and makes us love Dying Breed Music. Remember, the prices of these Brazilian rosewood wood Martins are only going in one direction. Add this mojo machine and historical artifact to your collection!  Original case included.